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Linux installation guide

Installation prerequisites for Linux

This document describes the steps necessary to correctly install and configure WELSIM application on Linux platforms. These products include:

  • WELSIM Application
  • License manager

System prerequisites

WELSIM application is supported on the Linux platforms and operating system levels listed in Table below.

Platform Processor Operating system Platform architecture Availability
Linux x64 EM64T/Operon64 Ubuntu 16.04 LTS; Debian7; Fedora 27; CentOS 7 linx64 Download


  1. If you run WELSIM on Ubuntu, we recommand Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or higher with the latest libstdc++ and libfortran libraries. 2. If you run WELSIM on Fedora, we recommand Fedora 27 or higher with the latest libstdc++ and libfortran libraries.

Disk space and memory requirements

You will need the disk space shown in Table below for installation and proper functioning. The numbers listed here are the maximum amount of disk space you will need.

Product Disk space Memory
WELSIM application 500 MB at least 4 GB

Platform details

For all 64-bit Linux platforms, the libraries listed below should be installed.

  • libstdc++
  • gcc-c++
  • glibc
  • libfortran
  • mesa

Installing the WELSIM for a Linux system

This section explains how to download and install WELSIM.

You can install WELSIM as root, or non-root; however, if you are root user, you can install the application in the system directory. The application can be used by different users.

Product download instructions

To download the installation files from our website, you will need to agree the US Export Restrictions. You only need to download one installer file.

  1. From the website, select the Linux version of WELSIM and click the download button on the webpage.
  2. The downloaded installer file has the name like: For example, the installer of v1.9 is
  3. Begin the product installation as described in the next section.

Production installation

  1. Navigate to the directory where you placed the installer file. Run the commands below in a terminal window. Note that we take the version of 1.9 as an example, if you are installing a different version, please replace the installer name in the command line below.
$ chmod +x
$ ./
  1. The WELSIM installation Launcher appears as shown in Figure below.


  1. Click the Next button to start the installation on your computer.

  2. The installation folder setting appears as shown in Figure [fig:ch11_linux_install_folder]. You can input your designated directory or keep the default one. After specifying the directory, Click Next.


  1. The component selection interface appears as shown in Figure [fig:ch11_linux_install_component]. You can select the components that you want to install. The user can keep the default selection, and know the occupied disk space for this installation. Click Next.


  1. The license agreement appears as shown in Figure [fig:ch11_linux_install_lic]. Read the agreement, and if you agree to the terms and conditions, select I Agree. Click Next.


  1. The installation needs your conformation to start as shown in Figure [fig:ch11_linux_install_start]. Click Install.


  1. The installation completed as shown in Figure [fig:ch11_linux_install_completed]. Click Next.


Starting the software on Linux

After installation, starting the WELSIM software application is straightforward. Here are steps:

  1. Allocate the installed WELSIM application folder, double click the executable runWelSim file.


If the WELSIM does not start, the executable file may have no exectuable attribute on your machine. You could open a terminal window and type commends below.

$ chmod +x
$ ./ 

  1. WELSIM application starts, the GUI shows the information of environment in Figure [fig:ch11_linux_gui_about].


Uninstalling the software

To uninstall WELSIM, you can browse file explorer into the installation folder, and double click on the Uninstaller. Following the instructions on the Uninstaller, you can remove the application from your computer.