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Libraries and properties


We make use of the following terminology for materials:

Term Definition
Material An identifier that contains a property or multiple properties
Property An identifier the singular information (for example, Density)
Property data An identifier for tabular data (for example, Thermal Conductivity)

Sample libraries

MatEditor provides sample material data categorized into several libraries. However, you still need to validate that the data is consistent with the material you are using in your analysis.

The following materials are included:

  • General Materials: A library of general use materials and consists mostly of metals.
  • General Nonlinear Materials: A library of general use nonlinear materials for performing nonlinear analyses.
  • Hyperelastic Materials: A library of materials containing test data which can be used to represent hyperelastic materails. The data doesn't correspond to any particular material.
  • Thermal Materials: A library of materials containing thermal data.
  • Electromagnetic Materials: A library of materials containing electromagnetic data, specific for use in an electromagnetic analysis.

Supported properties

The supported material properties are listed by category here.


  • Density
  • Isotropic Thermal Expansion
  • Isotropic Instantaneous Thermal Expansion
  • Orthotropic Thermal Expansion
  • Orthotopic Instantaneous Thermal Expansion
  • Constant Damping Coefficient

Linear Elastic

  • Isotropic Elasticity
  • Orthotropic Elasticity
  • Viscoelastic

Hyperelastic Test Data

  • Uniaxial Test Data
  • Biaxial Test Data
  • Shear Test Data
  • Volumetric Test Data
  • Simple Shear Test Data
  • Uniaxial Tension Test Data
  • Uniaxial Compression Test Data


  • Arruda-Boyce
  • Blatz-Ko
  • Gent
  • Mooney-Rivlin 2
  • Mooney-Rivlin 3
  • Mooney-Rivlin 5
  • Mooney-Rivlin 9
  • Neo-Hookean
  • Ogden 1st Order
  • Ogden 2nd Order
  • Ogden 3rd Order
  • Polynomial 1st Order
  • Polynomial 2nd Order
  • Polynomial 3rd Order
  • Yeoh 1st Order
  • Yeoh 2nd Order
  • Yeoh 3rd Order


  • Bilinear Isotropic Hardening
  • Multilinear Isotropic Hardening
  • Bilinear Kinematic Hardening
  • Multilinear Kinematic Hardening
  • Anand Viscoplasticity


  • Strain Hardening
  • Time Hardening
  • Generalized Exponential
  • Generalized Graham
  • Generalized Blackburn
  • Modified Time Hardening
  • Modified Strain Hardening
  • Generalized Garofalo
  • Exponential Form
  • Norton
  • Combined Time Hardening
  • Rational Polynomial
  • Generalized Time Hardening


  • Prony Shear Relaxation
  • Prony Volumetric Relaxation


  • Enthalpy
  • Isotropic Thermal Conductivity
  • Orthotropic Thermal Conductivity
  • Specific Heat


  • B-H Curve
  • Isotropic Relative Permeability
  • Orthotropic Relative Permeability
  • Isotropic Resistivity
  • Orthotropic Resistivity
  • Isotropic Relative Permittivity
  • Orthotropic Relative Permittivity
  • Isotropic Dielectric Loss Tangent
  • Isotropic Magnetic Loss Tangent
  • Isotropic Relative Imaginary Permeability
  • Orthotropic Dielectric Loss Tangent
  • Orthotropic Magnetic Loss Tangent