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MatEditor is a free material editor software program for engineers. This tool provides you comprehensive material properties those are often used in engineering simulation and finite element analysis.



Specification Description
Operation system Microsoft Windows 7 to 10; 64-bit
Physical memory At least 4 GB

Supported unit systems :

  • SI: (kg, m, s, K, A, N, V)
  • MKS Standard: (kg, m, s, °C, A, N, V)
  • NMMTON Standard: (tonne, mm, s, °C, A, N, mV)
  • BIN Standard: (lbm, in, s, °F, A, lbf, V)
  • US Engineering: (lb, in, s, R, A, lbf, V)
  • CGS Standard: (g, cm, s, °C, A, dyne, V)
  • NMM Standard: (kg, mm, s, °C, mA, N, mV)
  • UMKS Standard: (kg, µm, s, °C, mA, µN, V)
  • NMMDAT Standard: (decatonne, mm, s, °C, mA, N, mV)
  • BFT Standard: (lbm, ft, s, °F, A, lbf, V)
  • CGS Consistent: (g, m, s, °C, A, dyne, V)
  • NMM Consistent: (tonne, m, s, °C, mA, t⋅mm/s2, mV)
  • UMKS Consistent: (kg, m, s, °C, pA, µN, pV)
  • BIN Consistent: (slinch, in, s, °C, A, slinch⋅in/s2, V)
  • BFT Consistent: (slug, ft, s, °C, A, slug⋅ft/s2, V)
  • CGuS Standard: (g, cm, \(\mu\)s, °C, A, dyne, V)

Material properties

The supported material properties are listed in the table below.

Category Materials
Basic Density, Isotropic Thermal Expansion, Isotropic Instantaneous Thermal Expansion, Orthotropic Thermal Expansion, Orthotropic Instantaneous Thermal Expansion, Constant Damping Coefficient
Linear Elastic Isotropic Elasticity, Orthotropic Elasticity, Viscoelastic
Hyperelastic Test Data Uniaxial Test Data, Biaxial Test Data, Shear Test Data, Volumetric Test Data, SimpleShear Test Data, Uniaxial Tension Test Data, Uniaxial Compression Test Data
Hyperelastic Arruda-Boyce, Blatz-Ko, Gent, Mooney-Rivlin 2, Mooney-Rivlin 3, Mooney-Rivlin 5, Mooney-Rivlin 9, Neo-Hookean, Ogden 1st Order, Ogden 2nd Order, Ogden 3rd Order, Polynomial 1st Order, Polynomial 2nd Order, Polynomial 3rd Order, Yeoh 1st Order, Yeoh 2nd Order, Yeoh 3rd Order
Plasticity Bilinear Isotropic Hardening, Multilinear Isotropic Hardening, Bilinear Kinematic Hardening, Multilinear Kinematic Hardening, Anand Viscoplasticity, Johnson-Cook, Zerilli-Armstrong
Creep Strain Hardening, Time Hardening, Generalized Exponential, Generalized Graham, Generalized Blackburn, Modified Time Hardening, Modified Strain Hardening, Generalized Garofalo, Exponential Form, Norton, Combined Time Hardening, Rational Polynomial, Generalized Time Hardening
Visco-elastic Prony Shear Relaxation, Prony Volumetric Relaxation
Equations of State (EOS) Compaction, Gruneisen, Ideal Gas, Linear, LSZK, Murnaghan, NASG, Noble-Abel, Osborne, Polynomial, Puff, Stiff Gas, Tillotson
Failure Johnson
Other Mechanical Strain Life Parameters, Compressive Ultimate Strength, Compressive Yield Strength, LaRc0304 Constants, Orthotropic Strain Limits, Orthotropic Stress Limits, Puck Constants, Tensile Ultimate Strength, Tensile Yield Strength, Tsai-Wu Constants, Shape Memory Effect, Drucker-Prager Strength Piecewise, Drucker-Prager Strength Linear, Ideal Gas EOS, Crushable Foam, Nonlinear Elastic Model Damage, Plakin Special Hardening, Tensile Pressure Failure, Crack Softening Failure
Thermal Enthalpy, Isotropic Thermal Conductivity, Orthotropic Thermal Conductivity, Specific Heat
Electromagnetics B-H Curve, Isotropic Relative Permeability, Orthotropic Relative Permeability, Isotropic Resistivity, Orthotropic Resistivity, Isotropic Relative Permittivity, Orthotropic Relative Permittivity, Isotropic Dielectric Loss Tangent, Isotropic Magnetic Loss Tangent, Isotropic Relative Imaginary Permeability, Orthotropic Dielectric Loss Tangent, Orthotropic Magnetic Loss Tangent
Fluid Dynamic Viscosity, Kinematic Viscosity, Lemalar Prandtl Number, Turbulent Prandtl Number, ALE

Predefined materials

WELSIM also provide predefined materials, which covers most of commonly used materials. Users can choose these materials and apply to the successive finite element analysis.

Category Materials
General Materials Structural Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum Alloy, Concrete, Copper Alloy, Gray Cast Iron, Titanium Alloy
Nonlinear Materials Aluminum Alloy NL, Concrete NL, Copper Alloy NL, Stainless Steel NL, Structural Steel NL, Titanium Alloy NL
Hyperelastic Materials Elastomer Mooney-Rivlin, Elastomer Neo-Hookean, Elastomer Ogden, Elastomer Yeoh, Neoprene Rubber
Thermal Materials Brass, Bronze, Copper, Diamond, Ferrite, Nodular Cast Iron, Solder, Teflon, Tungsten, Wood
Electromagnetic Materials SS416, Supermendure, TDK-K1, TDK-M33, TDK-N30, TDK-N41, TDK-N45, TDK-N48, TDK-N49, TDK-N87, TDK-N97, TDK-T38, TDK-T66
Other Materials Water Liquid, Argon, Ash


MatEditor software is available at our official website.