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UnitConverter is a free unit conversion software program for engineers. This tool allows you to convert a large number of engineering units quickly and accurately.



Specification Description
Operation system Microsoft Windows 7 to 10; 64-bit
Physical memory At least 4 GB

Supported unit systems :

  • SI: (kg, m, s, K, A, N, V)
  • MKS Standard: (kg, m, s, °C, A, N, V)
  • NMMTON Standard: (tonne, mm, s, °C, A, N, mV)
  • BIN Standard: (lbm, in, s, °F, A, lbf, V)
  • US Engineering: (lb, in, s, R, A, lbf, V)
  • CGS Standard: (g, cm, s, °C, A, dyne, V)
  • NMM Standard: (kg, mm, s, °C, mA, N, mV)
  • UMKS Standard: (kg, µm, s, °C, mA, µN, V)
  • NMMDAT Standard: (decatonne, mm, s, °C, mA, N, mV)
  • BFT Standard: (lbm, ft, s, °F, A, lbf, V)
  • CGS Consistent: (g, m, s, °C, A, dyne, V)
  • NMM Consistent: (tonne, m, s, °C, mA, t⋅mm/s2, mV)
  • UMKS Consistent: (kg, m, s, °C, pA, µN, pV)
  • BIN Consistent: (slinch, in, s, °C, A, slinch⋅in/s2, V)
  • BFT Consistent: (slug, ft, s, °C, A, slug⋅ft/s2, V)
  • CGuS Standard: (g, cm, \(\mu\)s, °C, A, dyne, V)

Supported units

The supported units are listed in the table below.

Category Materials
Base Angle, Current, Length, Mass, Temperature, Time
Common Area, Density, Energy, Frequency, Volume
Mechanical Acceleration, Angular Acceleration, Angular Velocity, Force, Moment of Inertia, Power, Pressure, Torque, Velocity
Thermal Heat Flux Density, Heat Transfer Coefficient, Specific Heat Capacity, Thermal Conductivity, Thermal Expansivity
Electrical Capacitance, Electric Charge, Electrical Conductance, Electrical Conductivity, Inductance, Surface Charge Density, Surface Current Density, Voltage, Volume Charge Density
Magnetic Magnetic field strength, Magnetic flux density


UnitConverter software is available at our official website.