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Element library

The WELSIM application supports several types of finite elements. This section discuss the details of element that is used in the program.

Element type Finite element type Description
Plane element (Shell) Tri3 Three node triangular element
Plane element (Shell) Tri6 Six node triangular element(quadratic)
Solid element Tet4 Four node tetrahedral element
Solid element Tet10 Ten node tetrahedral element(quadratic)

The element groups shown in TableĀ [tab:ch4_theory_elem_types] can be used for engineering analysis. The schematic views and the surface definition of those elements are given in FiguresĀ [fig:ch4_theory_elem_views], [fig:ch4_theory_elem_triangles], and [fig:ch4_theory_elem_tet].



Surface No. Linear Quadratic
1 1-2-3 [front] 1-6-2-4-3-5 [front]
2 3-2-1 [back] 3-4-2-6-1-5 [back]


Surface No. Linear Quadratic
1 1-2-3 1-7-2-5-3-6
2 1-2-4 1-7-2-9-4-8
3 2-3-4 2-5-3-10-4-9
4 3-1-4 3-6-1-10-4-8