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This chapter is the user guide for working with WELSIM application, which is used to perform various types of structural, thermal, and electromagnetic analyses. The entire simulation process is tied together by a unified graphical user interface.


WELSIM application enables you to investigate design alternative efficiently. You can modify any aspect of analysis or vary parameters, then update the project to the see results of the change in the modeling. A typical modeling process is composed of defining the model, and boundary conditions applied to it, computing for the simulation's response to the conditions, then evaluating the solutions with a variety of tools.

The WELSIM software application has a tree structure that consists of “objects” that enable you to define simulation conditions. By clicking the objects, you activate the associated properties in the property window, and you can use the corresponding command and tools to conduct the simulation study. The following sections describe in details to use the WELSIM to set up and implement simulation studies.